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Talkin’ the Talk

Keys to Language

Keys to Language is a fun section that will challenge your vocabulary and stretch your brain. Scroll down to find out how!

Unlock Your Creativity: Creativity Counts!

Choose one or all of these questions and brainstorm six reasons for each:

• Why is natural gas an important energy resource?

• Why do you think that the middle of the earth is hot liquid rock?

• Why should we learn to use energy wisely?

• Why not make a poster showing your ideas for each question? You could even make a guessing game out of your reasons.

Crack the Combination to Good Vocabulary

Build your vocabulary.

With a partner, brainstorm all the words and phrases you can that are related in any way to ROCKS: like “hard,” “brittle,” “can climb on”….

Challenge another team on this one. See whose list turns out to be longest! Choose another word related to the Energy Underground site: like “gas,” or even – “underground”!

Name Game:

What’s in a name? Try this brain-expander. Make up funny names for people with their names relating to their jobs. For example, a funny name for a dentist might be – Dr. Abbie Sess…get it? Abscess, as in tooth

Okay, how about naming the girl who works in a garage – Tira R. Flat!

Make up five funny names for people who live and work in the world of natural gas in Energy Underground. Remember, it’s funnier if the name relates to what the person does in some weird way. Ready?

Try these!

• a person who studies rocks is called a “geologist”

• a gas drill operator

• an ocean-going super tanker captain

• a person who mines for coal

Check out the section on careers for even more types of jobs in the natural gas industry!